How To Get Involved With Night Light Tulsa?

There are many ways to get involved with our outreach under the bridge. We rely heavily on people who feel moved to do something different and then act upon that movement. The following are ways you can help:

-Donations: a complete list of items needed can be found on our website. Our weekly top 5 needs will also be posted on our website and on our Facebook page headed into each week.

-Volunteer: You can volunteer individually, as a church group, business, family- however you wish. We love the help and we know serving under the bridge greatly benefits our guests and it will change you as well.

-Host the Meal: If your business, church, restaurant, or group is interested in partnering with us or in this option at all, we will work with you to either donate the finances to fund the meal, make and/or serve the meal, or meet us halfway on the cost of the meal.

If you want further information on donations, drop-off locations, volunteering, or hosting the meal, please click contact page. We can’t wait here from you!

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