Night Light Tulsa Policies

  1. All volunteers must attend orientation each night before volunteering. If for some reason you are late, you will be directed to a one-on-one orientation before being placed at a station.
  2. Cash donations will be allowed on Thursday at Night Light. All other financial donations should be made through e-give or Park Plaza Church of Christ.
  3. Volunteers should NOT bring anything to add to the Night Light stations. All items needed for the evening will be supplied.
  4. If you choose to bring a donation with you, a box will be available each Thursday. Please place the donations in the box as you first arrive at Night Light.
  5. No outside food products will be allowed to be served at Night Light. If you are interested in providing an item please contact Night Light staff prior to Thursday.
  6. Food Handlers and Foot Washers are required to wear gloves.
  7. Children under the age of 16 must remain with a parent at all times. No running up and down the sides of the bridge or playing away from parent.
  8. You must stay within the parameters of the bridge at all times. If you need to leave early please ask a “mingler” to escort you to your vehicle.
  9. No cash or personal information should be handed out at Night Light.
  10. No photography of guest allowed.
  11. If you have a contact or business that is interested in supporting Night Light please contact Night Light staff to work with you in this process. Please do not solicit in Night Lights name.
  12. Step out of you comfort zone and be changed! Have fun! Tell a friend!

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